Foods For Your Optimum Health

Image by Ulrich Baer

You are about to discover . . .

a special selection of nutrient dense foods and premium superfoods -
grown in a way that augments their exceptional qualities.

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All natural, hand picked and pre-certified organic grown locally


Superfoods impart healing, improve energy and provide significant prevention against illness by boosting the immune system.

Our offerings will appeal to you if:

You want to optimize your health.

You want improved energy.

You love great taste!

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Wild Things Farm was co-created with Nature, using pure energy as our guide

Nature is intelligent and abundant when allowed to express. We trust in Nature’s goodness.

Using intention to be in direct connection to the plants, soil, seeds and all aspects of the universe which are involved in plant growth, we are able to harness their vibrational aspects to achieve the highest outcomes for our produce.   

  • Plants intentionally selected for their powerful nutritional qualities

  • Permaculture farm

  • Committed to natural soil regeneration

  • Creating balance and biodiversity with flowers, herbs and shrubs


The resulting product is delicious and potent.

We are truly passionate about sharing all-natural and whole foods, grown with no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, pre-certified organic.

Hands in the Soil

Nourishing The Soil

Nourishing The Planet

Nourishing People