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Wild Red Raspberries

Limited supply in 2021

If you have ever picked raspberries in the bush, you will know these. The flavour is more intense than their cultivated counterparts, with both sweet and tart notes.  The fruit is smaller than cultivated sweet red raspberries.  
When cultivated raspberries are compared with wild raspberries, they turn out to be quite similar in terms of total phenols and total anthocyanin content. This similarity is especially true when the cultivated raspberries have also been organically grown. Although we might tend to think about a "wild" food as being more rich in nutrients than a cultivated food, this distinction does not hold true for raspberries.
Wild Raspberries appear on five continents, from Alaska to Hawaii to Asia. While scientists are not clear of their origins, they do know that cultivation started around 2,000 years ago and that there is huge diversity in the different types or species.

Wild Red Raspberries: Product
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