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The Future of Nutrition

The way conventional food is produced alarms us because it robs people of what they need to be physically and emotionally healthy, energetic and productive. Most food has become nutritionally very low.

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The Future of Nutrition: Our Farm

Nutrition is mostly a function of three things:

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Type of plant and very importantly, variety

Many food plants over the past several centuries have been bred for increased sweetness and transportability. The inherent goodness and nutrients have mostly been bred out of common plants. There are some varieties which exist today which are considered superior and more nutrient dense than others.

Soil Quality

It is impossible to produce healthy plants with the minerals, iron, and protein we need on soil that is repeatedly doused with herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. These chemicals kill the diverse array of life that exists in the soil. Lifeless soil produces lifeless plants.

Black Soil
Vegetable Picking


As soon as produce is picked, it starts to lose its health qualities. We evolved eating fresh food.

The Future of Nutrition: What's Happening

Eat Fresh. Eat Organic. Eat Local.

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The Future of Nutrition: Services
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