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Our Story

We have always been passionate about growing great food, beginning in childhood when we tended large family gardens. As adults, we still grow way more food than we could ever eat. We truly love feeding people. Just ask our neighbours, friends and family!

When illness struck each of us - Lorraine in 2018 and Ben in 2019 - it led us to re-evaluate our lives and take an in-depth look at the food industry. As a result, we felt a strong calling to start an organic farm.


For a long time, we looked for soil that was not degraded through conventional farming. In 2020, we found beautiful farmland in Leduc County, Alberta, Canada, with 12 acres of deep loam. Wild Things Farm was born!

We chose this name because most of the fruit and vegetables we grow are either very close to their wild ancestors or are in fact true heirloom varieties which have been grown for hundreds or even thousands of years. Some are modern hybrids which are highly nutrient dense. It is also our intention to create a wild space where biodiversity thrives.  

It is our sincere hope that you will try our selections and fall in love with whole and deeply nutritious food.  

With love and gratitude,

Ben and Lorraine Soucy

Our Story: Meet the Team
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