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Not available in 2021

The two varieties of cherries we grow are Cupid and Crimson Passion. These are sour cherries which were developed by the University of Saskatchewan as part of their Romance series. They are hybrids and were developed for northern climates, hardy for the prairies. They are large and excellent for fresh eating or processing.   In spite of their name, the taste is sweet and intense with a hint of tart.  
They are high in antioxidants and recent research found that these cherries had three times more phenolics, 4.5 times more anthocyanins and five times more flavonoids than sweet cherries. These nutrients are essential for prevention of infection, degenerative disease, have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties and they help to prevent cardiac disease and improve brain function.   They have also been proven to reduce pain, lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and produce melatonin which aids sleep and relaxation.

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