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Black Raspberry Superfood

Limited supply in 2021

Grown wild only in North America, they are known as The King of Berries because they are a powerhouse in terms of health benefits. Luckily, they are delicious too with an exquisite and sweet flavor. They have an extremely high overall level of phenolic compounds compared to other berries. The antioxidant value of black raspberries in raw form as described in ORAC units is 19,200/100 g.  This makes them superior to all other berries in Canada, being three times more nutrient dense than the superfood blueberries.

Recent research on organic raspberries has now shown organic raspberries to be significantly higher in total antioxidant capacity than non-organic raspberries.

In most regions it can be difficult to find them. In Canada, they grow wild in regions of Quebec and Ontario. Even though they look alike, they should not be confused with blackberries. Black Raspberries have a shape like other raspberries, with a hollow core.

Black raspberries are especially rich in ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is a phenolic compound known to be a potent anticarcinogen, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. The berries contain many vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, E and C, ferulic acid, folic acid, calcium, fibre and iron. Research has proven the effectiveness of black raspberry powder in suppressing cancer growth in colon and esophageal cancer was significant and has been supported by many other studies.   

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